FLOWER PROJECT TOKYO EXHIBITION-フラワープロジェクト東京展 ~芸術支援ニューヨーク展 報告会~

I showed my Flower project exhibition in Tokyo midtown gallery.

Flower Project is a volunteer group that supports areas affected by disaster through art. Many people in Japan lost their homes in the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Mr. Arai began his support for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami by volunteering to paint portraits of people living in temporary housing. He has since gone on to lead a team of volunteers that offers support through artistic activities.

The survivors of the disaster who lost their photo albums in the tsunami deeply appreciate the chance to have their portraits drawn. In another project to empower the survivors through art, in 2012 Mr. Arai used the wall of a temporary housing complex as a canvas on which he painted a 70-m mural of a dragon together with volunteers and temporary housing residents.

The Flower Project exhibition details these volunteer activities through the artwork that has been created and features other works of art by Fuzuki Arai. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Art volunteer activity [Flower Project]