The Art Support project, “Flower Project” is established to bring the community back its energy by using the act of Art. Currently we are mainly working on the disaster area from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Situation in the north eastern coast area hasn’t been improved and the people living in the temporary houses provided by the government are not being able to have their own houses. The goal of the “Flower Project” is to brighten up their plain temporary houses by painting a meaningful and cheerful object on their walls and to brighten up their living spaces.
In September 2013, the wall of the temporary houses in Ishinomaki City was colored and painted by 100 volunteers and the kids around the residence. The canvas of 230ft(70m) length of wall that consisted of 8 temporary houses was painted; A huge dragon and the designs from Hanafuda (a traditional Japanese card game). The Organizer, artist Fuzuki Arai gathered the ideas of the residents and made a design of Dragon flying through the AyameSakuraBotan flowers.

The chairman of the temporary construction, Mr. Ono, says: "I would like to recover quickly like the vigor of this dragon and to bloom with the residents soon" This action was reported on the local TV and media as an act of moral support through art.

Fuzuki Arai found out that Mr.Ono has passed away through his wife in 2014.The cause of death was a colon cancer.Fuzuki Arai had visited Ishinomaki many times, the Flower project would not succeed if there were no advances. Ono made an effort for this project. Although it wasn't represented in many words, While he painted this picture together with Flowerproject members, Ono was very fun and lively.

His wife has agreed already to share this story.The wife told me"
We are very thankful that you came so many times. My husband also had fun."

May his soul rest in peace.



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