Fuzuki Arai exhibition of Katsusika Hokusai at Hokusaikan, Obuse, Nagano

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Arai participated in the exhibition as a contemporary artist in Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture, where Katsushika Hokusai, one of Japan’s leading painters, spent his last years. Fuzuki Arai exhibited his new work “Galaxy Wave Map” at the “Hokusaikan”, which holds 50 pieces of Hokusai’s hand-drawn drawings, sketches, and letters.

『The Galaxy Wave』
Japanese Paper, Acrylic
142 × 142cm(8号×12枚)

Arai’s comments:

When I was in elementary school, I researched Katsushika Hokusai.

He was 90 years old when he was able to draw a fairly satisfying picture.

An artist is one who spends his life facing works. The sun rises every day.

Have a physical body. There is nature. Thanks to them.

Sunrise, water and nature always has a different look.

The Earth is colorful and is the most popular star in the galaxy.

It is a miracle that you can enjoy emotions on this best stage.

Exhibition title: Dine-Art Obuse 2021

Venue: Hokusaikan

Address: 485 Obuse, Obuse-cho, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano 381-0201

Date: February 23, 2021 (Tue) -February 28 (Sun)

It was the best experience that my work was exhibited at the Hokusaikan. I am glad that there is a report that the number of visits to the Hokusai-kan has increased several times even in the Corona disaster.

If Hokusai had lived in the present age, his interest would surely have been the motif of galaxies and the universe. While the new coronavirus was rampant, “The Galaxy Wave “, in which panels No. 8 were connected by 3 cm, also expressed a social distance.

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