「FLOWER PROJECT」アートボランティア映像作品

投稿者: Atelier Arai Fuzuki 投稿日:

The Art Support project, “Flower Project” was established to bring the community back by using the act of Art. Back then we were mainly working on the disaster-hit area in the Great East Japan. Situation in the north eastern coast area hasn’t been improved and the people living in the temporary houses provided by the government weren`t able to get their own houses back. The main goal of the “Flower Project” was to brighten up their plain temporary houses by act of painting a meaningful and cheerful object on the walls so to brighten up their living spaces.


In September 2013, the wall of the temporary houses in Ishinomaki City was being colored and painted by 100 volunteers and the kids form the vicinity. Thecanvas of 230ft(70m) length consisted of 8 temporary panted houses; A briliant huge dragon and the designs from Hanafuda (a traditional Japanese card game) appeared quickly on it. The organizer and artist Fuzuki Arai gathered a plenty of ideas from the residents and created a design of Dragon flying through the Ayame, Sakura and Botan flowers as a result. This action was reported on the local TV and media as an act of moral support through art. The chairman of the temporary construction, Mr. Ono, said: “I would like to recover quickly like the vigor of this dragon and to bloom with the residents soon. He who done a lot for this project, passed away in 2014. May his soul rest in peace.


DIRECTOR: Fuzuki Arai

MOVIE: Jay Uchida


「FLOWER PROJECT」ニューヨーク展では石巻市の仮設住宅の壁を仮設に住む方達とボランティアで力を合わせてペイントする様子がわかるのですが、同時に映像も上映しております。これは2012年の宮城県石巻市の仮設住宅での活動をドキュメンタリーとして映像化したものです。

今回の展示のためニューヨークまで同行してくれたフラワープロジェクトメンバーJay Uchidaにより作成されました。





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