I started painting when I was 3 years old despite the fact that I had no artists in my family’s history. My parents were ordinary working people without a wealthy background.

The place where I was grew up was only known for cucumbers and I didn’t like them. Cucumbers were used in every dish.

In my childhood I had no toys to play with so when I stayed at home I had my pen and posters from the newspapers. I was too shy and introverted to play with other kids.

I used to wander around Shrines because they made me feel safe and at ease. Whenever I went to a shrine it was always quiet and peaceful there. I didn’t understand what was this feeling but I kept returning there to escape from the noisy world.

I started painting when I was 3 years old, I liked drawing anime illustrations.

When I went to an elementary school I drew pictures on the paper and my friend said when they saw them :

“Wow, your paintings are nice. Could you draw something for me?”

“Ok, sure”, I said.
He was pleased by the picture.

Other friends asked me to draw something for them as well, almost every pupil in my class wanted me to draw something for them.

“You are very talented” They said, but I was a very shy boy.
“Can you stop saying these things?”
One of my friends who was very tall and fat said:

“You’re not talented” I got disappointed and cried.

Next day I felt lonely.

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