Fuzuki Arai
1977 Born, Gunma, Japan
2002 Graduated, Tama Art University , Tokyo
Photo by Yoshihito Sasaguchi


His mission is to create art that provides emotional experiences with a focus on the ties that people have to each other. He has been travelling throughout his inner spiritual world, bringing the visuals into the real world. He was born in Gunma prefecture where an animism culture has long remained from the ancient Japan. He grew up there in the quiet surroundings in which one can feel a presence of celestial beings and ghastly apparitions. Due to an injury to one of his legs, which later recovered completely, he spent most of his time painting his inner fantasies at home.

He attended dancing at an art school in Tokyo. Brimming vigor of the dance urged him to be a street dancer. Also its impromptu nature was added to his previous interest in Tai Chi, creating his original live painting style. Influenced by Katsushika Hokusai, the dynamic composition and bright coloring repeatedly appear in his work.

In 2011, he visited the area affected by the great earthquake and tsunami in eastern Japan to volunteer and paint the portraits of the people living in temporary housing. His activity gradually attracted other volunteers and residents, and together they set up an art support group called Flower Project. Their largest work was a dragon, which was 230 feet (70 m) in width painted on the walls of the container housings in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture.

Afterwards, he had been to South Africa and Egypt for pursuing the possibility of spiritual expression that was presented at his solo exhibition at Consulate General of Japan in New York in 2014. He continues to challenge taking the contradictory elements into his artwork based on his endless curiosity.

2019 “ALL IS IN YOURSELF EXHIBITION”, Hama House, Tokyo, Japan
2016 “Fuzuki Arai Exhibition”, Gallery Darmado, Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Flower Project”, D-labo Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Flower Project”, Consulate General of Japan, New York, NY

2018 “MONROE ART”, Nakameguro Lounge, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Arab Week 2015 Art Exhibition”, Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, Tokyo, Japan
2002 “Information Design Artworks”, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2001 “Double-Takes”, About Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand
1997 “TEST VOL.4 right ear and left leg”, Gunma, Japan

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2014 “Disaster and Art”, D-labo Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan
2007 “Dance and Development”, Akha Christians Church, Mae Suai District, Thailand

2015 Certificate of Appreciation from the Ambassador of the State of Palestine and the Ambassador of Sultanate of Oman
2012 Grand Prize Trans Cosmos Creative Contest, Tokyo, Japan
2003 Third place on D-1 All Japan Dance Contest, Tokyo, Japan

2002 Tama Art University, Information Design, Japan







2019 個展”すべてはわたし展”Hama House(東京)
2018 グループ展”MONROE ART Exhibition”中目黒ラウンジ(東京)
2017 KOBO Seattleにて作品販売を開始(シアトル)
2016 個展”新井文月展”珈琲達磨堂(東京)
2015 グループ展”Arab Week 2015 Art Exhibition”オマーン・スルタン大使館(東京)
2014 個展”Flower Project”d-labo東京ミッドタウン(東京)
2014 個展”Flower Project”在ニューヨーク日本国総領事館(ニューヨーク)
2013 “フラワープロジェクト”いわき市仮設住宅(福島)
2013 チャリティーラン in グローバルフェスタ オフィシャルデザイン
2012 “フラワープロジェクト”石巻市須江糠塚前団地仮設住宅(宮城)
2012 トランス・コスモス株式会社、クリエイティブコンテスト2012 最優秀賞
2012 NHK [Eテレ]「ムジカ・ピッコリーノ」出演
2011 CM「アキレス瞬足」振付
2011 “フラワープロジェクト”大槌町仮設住宅(岩手)
2011 “フラワープロジェクト”東麻布イースト通りシャッター(東京)
2010 CM「スカルプD」振付/出演
2007 アカ族コミュニケーション・ダンスワークショップ(タイ・チェンライ)
2005 “ダンス・ショーケース”DisneySea演出/出演(千葉)
2005 アートパフォーマンスイベント「FUGA」主宰(東京)
2003 エイベックス主催ダンスコンテスト「D-1」全国3位(東京)
2001 グループ展”7 views on Tokyo words”About Cafe(タイ・バンコク)
1997 日比野克彦展「TEST VOL.4 右耳と左足」参加(群馬)

2002 多摩美術大学情報デザイン学科卒業