Fuzuki Arai

Fuzuki Arai graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. His art expresses that the world is all connected. Created artworks are named Galaxy Words. Each word comprises 100,000 galactic guidance. Every time he blows seashell horn, it purifies our spirit, emotion, and physicality. Everything is all interconnected. Arai held his first solo exhibition in New York in 2014. His dynamic brushstroke is cultivated by his experience of devoting himself as a dancer. In addition, his subjects based on the universe and galaxies will provide dazzling light into the world of jet-black darkness effectively. In 2015, the work pursued the affinity between Islam and Japan was exhibited at “The Arab Week 2015 Art Exhibition” and received the Japan-Arab Friendship Award from the host country, Ambassador of Oman / Palestine. The artist has been also active as a book reviewer casting his keen eyes into the cultures of all ages and countries.

2022 “Galaxy Words Exhibition 2022”, Ginza 7th building gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2021 “Galaxy Words Exhibition 2021”, Hama House, Tokyo, Japan
2019 “ALL IS IN YOURSELF EXHIBITION”, Hama House, Tokyo, Japan
2016 “Fuzuki Arai Exhibition”, Gallery Darmado, Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Flower Project”, D-labo Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Flower Project”, Consulate General of Japan, New York, United States of America

2022 “Abstract Art“ Collect art, Tbilisi, Georgia
2022 “WONDERS“ The Holy Art gallery, London, UK
2022 “Asia Digital Art Award”, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
2021 “Dine Art Obuse”, Hokusai Museum, Nagano, Japan
2020 “Independent Tokyo 2020”, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center, Tokyo, Japan
2019 “Dual exhibit”, Whitestone Ginza New Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2018 “MONROE ART”, Nakameguro Lounge, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Arab Week 2015 Art Exhibition”, Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, Tokyo, Japan
2002 “Information Design Artworks”, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2001 “Double-Takes”, About Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

“ONBEAT Feature”, ONBEAT vol.18 , May. 2023
“Abstract Art Artists”, Collect art Magazine, November. 2022
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2014 “Disaster and Art”, D-labo Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan
2007 “Dance and Development”, Akha Christians Church, Mae Suai District, Thailand

2021 Shine of Mt.Fuji – Nominated at Fukuoka Art Award 2021
2021 Galaxy Phoenix – Nominated at Fukuoka Art Award 2021
2021 Connected with Cats – Nominated at the Gates Art Awards
2021 Full of Confidence – Nominated at the Gates Art Awards
2021 Fire Work – Nominated at Shibuya Art Award 2021
2015 Certificate of Appreciation from the Ambassador of the State of Palestine and the Ambassador of Sultanate of Oman
2012 Grand Prize Trans Cosmos Creative Contest, Tokyo, Japan
2003 Third place on D-1 All Japan Dance Contest, Tokyo, Japan

2002 Tama Art University, Information Design, Japan

Flower project